DIRD Group is renowned for its specialized engineering works and products.  Being the pioneer of Geotechnical Engineering in Bangladesh, DIRD Group has contributed significantly to nationwide acceptance and use of quality Geotextile as civil engineering material since 1989. The Engineering Division’s success has been driven by three separate companies namely DIRD ENGINEERING LTD., DIRD FELT LTD. and DIRD POLYTEX LTD.


DIRD ENGINEERING LTD. – Offers a comprehensive range of services in Geotechnical, Environmental and Civil Engineering. It also involves in services and supplies in the oil and gas sector in Bangladesh. The Engineering Services range from site investigation, design proposal and execution of works e.g Civil Construction, Ground improvement, River/Coastal Bank Protection, Re-enforced Anchored Earth Wall System, Waste Containment, Cut off Sealing and Landfill. DIRD PRIVATE holds the patent for Nehemiah Anchored Earth Wall for Bangladesh.


DIRD FELT LTD. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) – The largest UV Stabilized Non Woven Geotextile manufacturer in Bangladesh and a rising player in the international market. DIRD also facilitates its customers with Geo Bags, Geotubes and Geocontainers. With advanced needle punching technology and extensive R & D, DIRD FELT ensures its Geotextiles achieve maximum strength with optimum elongation.


DIRD POLYTEX LTD. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) – Specializes in manufacturing Polypropylene and Polyester Staple Fiber. Made a landmark contribution to the environment with its waste PET bottle recycling facility to support its Polyester Staple Fiber unit with raw materials. Recycled Hot Washed PET Flakes are also exported overseas along with the Staple Fibers.

Leader in geo-technical and foundation consultancy and engineering
ISO 9001 certified non woven geo-textile manufacturer
ISO 9001 certified polyester & polypropylene staple fiber manufacturer

Engineering Customers: RHD, LGED, BWDB, BIWTA, BR, PWD, PDB

            Engr. S. M. Wahiduzzaman
            Executive Director,
            DIRD Engineering Ltd.
            DIRD Felt Ltd.
            DIRD Polytex Ltd.
            E-mail: wahid@dirdgroup.org
            Engr. Md. Masud Rana
            Sr. General Manager,
            DIRD Engineering Ltd.
            DIRD Felt Ltd.
            DIRD Polytex Ltd.
            E-mail: rana@dirdgroup.org