The largest orchid producer in Bangladesh. Established in 2002, the plantation spreads over 22 acres of land. Fulfilling the demand for orchids in the local market, DIPTA Orchids is exporting its cut flowers. At DIPTA ORCHIDS, customers can pre order for their flowers and bulk buyers enjoy the privilege of whole sale price and free delivery services.


DIPTA ORCHIDS is soon to open its 1st retail shop in Dhaka, where the citizens of Dhaka can avail premium quality Orchid flowers extra ordinarily decorated for someone very special. Customers can also purchase orchid pot plants from the shop.


DIPTA Orchids has its own tissue culture lab run by experienced scientists who ensure that flowers from DIPTA Orchids are of the highest quality. DIPTA orchids started with only Dendrobeium but today produces Mokara, Garberra Dendrobeium and many other species of flowers


First export oriented orchid firm in Bangladesh


Agriculture Customers:


Kazi Sharif Uddin Mahmud
Farm In charge,
DIPTA Orchids Ltd.


Jaseer Hossain
Manager – Marketing,
DIPTA Orchids Ltd.