Laboratory Section


Our Lab supports every phase of the production by creating a process guideline especially in dyeing section for efficient and fast production. All types of physical tests for dimensional stability such as shrinkage, twisting, spirality, pilling etc are done in our lab.


Sl.Name of the m/cBrand NameTypeModelOriginCapacity of per m/cNo. of m/c
1SpectrophotometerDatacolorReflectingSF-600U.S.AAs Required1
2PerspirometerJames H. Heal Co. LtdCirculating Type290UKAs Required2
3GyrowashJames H. Heal Co. LtdCirculating Type415UK6 sample/ batch1
4Crock MeterJames H. Heal Co. LtdMoving Type670UKAs Required1
5Tumble DryerElectroluxHeating CoilT4130Thailand6 KG/DAY1
6Wascator WashingJames H. Heal Co. LtdCirculating TypeFOM71CLSUK6 KG/DAY1
7W 455 (Electrolux)Electrolux- W 55H, W355 H16ThailandAs Required1
8Verivide (Light Box)James H. Heal Co. LtdBoxCAC-120UKAs Required1
9Lab DyeingAhiba NuanceHeating CoilDatacolorUSA20 Sample/ Batch2
10Lab DyeingAhiba IRHeating CoilDatacolorChina20 Sample/ Batch1
11Digital BalanceOhausDigitalAR-1530USA250 KG1
12Microprocessor PH MeterHANNADigitalPH-211Italy0-141
13Auto DispenserMSIDispensingMS115Taiwan108 Bottle1
14GSM Cutter-Cutting--ChinaAs Required1
15Incubator James H. Heal, Halifax-HX 30UK-1
16Orbitor James H. Heal, HalifaxTesting516UKAs Required1
18Dyna wash James H. Heal, Halifax-825UKAs Required1
19Solution MakerMSIMixerMSMTaiwan2 KG1
20Solution mixerMSIStirrer-Taiwan6 Pot1
21Auto Wrap-10MAGCirculating Type-India-1
22Auto Winder-WMAGCirculating Type--India-1
23Ele TwistMAGCirculating Type--India-1