Dyeing Section


Our dyeing section is well equipped with high-tech machinery such as FONGS from China. We have 7 high temperature and 5 atmospheric temperature machines as well as 8 sample machines with different dyeing capacity (20 tons/day) to provide quick and on time sample and bulk production delivery to our valued customers. We pride ourselves on unrivalled levels of quality control and our ability to deliver the highest processing standards, color replication and production consistency.


• Our dedicated and experienced staff will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need on time and on budget, every single time
• The company continues to invest in new technology where markets demand
• Our well equipped laboratory offers a wide range of testing equipments to all worldwide standards
• Color measurement and dyeing facilities give our customers quick response time and sign off for new shades and technical development work
• The finished fabric can be tested to a wide variety of performance specifications in our well equipped and advanced laboratory



Sl.Name of the m/cBrand NameTypeModelOriginCapacity of per m/cNo. of m/c
1DyeingFong'sHigh pressureHSJ-3TChina840 kg1
2DyeingFong'sHigh pressureHSJ-6TChina1680 kg1
3DyeingFong'sHigh pressureECO-61TChina200 kg1
4DyeingFong'sHigh pressureECO-62TChina400 kg1
5DyeingFong'sHigh pressureECO-64TChina800 kg1
6DyeingFong'sHigh pressureHSJ-4TChina800 kg1
7DyeingFong'sHigh pressureHSJ-3TChina600 kg1
8DyeingFong'sLow pressureECO-638-6TChina1200 kg1
9DyeingFong'sLow pressureECO-6-38-3TChina600 kg1
10DyeingFong'sLow pressureECO-6-38-4TChina800 kg1
11DyeingFong'sLow pressureECO-6-38-2TChina400 kg1
12DyeingFong'sLow pressureECO-6-38-1TChina200 kg1
13Dyeing (Sample 1)Fong'sHigh pressureALLFIT-30China30 kg1
14Dyeing (Sample 2)Fong'sHigh pressureALLFIT-60China60 kg1
15Dyeing (Sample 3)Fong'sHigh pressureALLFIT-60China50 kg1
16Dyeing (Sample 4)High pressureHSJ-1TChina30 kg1
17Dyeing (Sample 5)High pressureHSJ-1TChina30 kg1
18Dyeing (Sample 6)High pressureHSJ-1TChina30 kg1
19Bangla dyeing m/cClassic Engg.Low pressureC-38-1TBangladesh20 kg1
20Bangla dyeing m/cClassic Engg.Low pressureC-38-2TBangladesh40 kg1
Total20 Ton20