Geo-Textile Manufacture


A geotextile’s quality is measured through its functional properties and different functional properties are relevant in different application areas. DIRD FELT manufactures geotextile as per the requirement of the various areas of application. Each batch of geotextile is manufactured to cater the various functional needs of the geotextile. To retain the properties of geotextile at an optimum level DIRD Felt raw materials are manufactured in house at DIRD POLYTEX LTD. DIRD FELT has two production lines with a combined capacity of 25 tonnes of Geotextile per day.


DIRD FELT, also manufactures geobag out of non woven geotextile which is an efficient and cost effective alternative to CC Block in river bank and coastal protection. DIRD FELT stitching unit can manufacture around 50,000 geobags on an average depending on the bag size. DIRD Felt Geobags are extremely popular in the South Asian Region for its superior performance.