Earth Retaining Structure/Reinforced Anchored Earth Wall


Nehemiah Anchored Earth Wall is a reinforced soil system, which is reinforced by galvanized steel bars and anchored by pre-cast concrete blocks. The facing is vertical consisting of modular hexagonal shaped concrete panels interlocked together. The System is ideal for urban highway interchanges, railway embankments, bridge abutments, housing retaining walls, marine walls, river walls, secondary containment dykes and military walls. This system is particularly suitable for highway flyovers in highly urbanized areas where space, time and maintenance of traffic flow are of major concern. 

The advantages of the Nehemiah Wall System are: 
• Cost effectiveness – Cost savings of more than 25% compared to conventional retaining wall. 
• Rapid and easy Installation.
• Aesthetically pleasing view.
• Less obstruction to traffic.
• Savings in indirect cost (e.g. road users cost)
RE Wall at Ramp of Tongi Flyover.
RE Wall at West Ramp of Mohakhali Flyover.
KL-Karak Highway Widening Using Anchored Earth Wall.
Reinforcement of Poor Draining Backfill Using Anchored Earth at JKR Road Reserve, Kulim, Kedah.

20.5m High Nehemiah Wall For Simpang Pulai - Kampung Raja - Lojing - Kuala Berang Highway,Package 2.

Nehemiah AE Wall at Klang River, Kuala Lumpur.


Bangi Heightl Using Anchored Earth at central region of Malaysia